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A compact controller with integrated I/Os

| By Gerald Ondrey

The Compact Controller 100 (photo) is a small controller with integrated input/outputs (I/Os) that is suited for smaller automation solutions. Thanks to its design as a DIN-rail built-in installation device according to DIN 43880, the new controller can also be mounted in small distribution boards. The I/O unit is housed with the controller in a compact enclosure, so it requires no additional space for other control components. The wiring interface is removable, which is advantageous for installation and facilitating device replacement. The Compact Controller 100 can be freely programmed according to IEC 61131 with CODESYS V3. Extensive IEC libraries and macros simplify the process of creating applications. The compact controller uses a real-time Linux operating system and supports standard fieldbus protocols. — WAGO GmbH & Co. KG, Minden, Germany