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A comprehensive line of vacuum metrology equipment

| By Mary Bailey

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

The VacTest line of vacuum measurement equipment comprises a comprehensive portfolio of active vacuum gages and controllers to allow a wide measurement range from 1600 to 5 × 10-10 millibars, covering all vacuum levels with accuracy. Both analog and digital transmitters are available. The digital option includes high-end gages with a smart micro-controller architecture, which allows optimal sensor control. VacTest analog transmitters feature a compact, rugged and functional design, and their measuring accuracy and stability make them suitable for for centralized monitoring and control systems. Furthermore, VacTest mobile gages provide a handheld solution for service or vacuum process-quality assurance. These battery-operated devices offer various functions, such as a USB interface for data export and visualization and a data logger. This means, for example, that these gages can be sealed in vacuum packaging to measure the pressure within the packaging. — Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems, Virginia Beach, Va.