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A cybersecurity platform with neural-network capabilities

| By Mary Page Bailey

Neuralyzer (photo) is a new cybersecurity product that enables operational technology (OT) personnel to protect their critical environments and supply chain through asset discovery, inventory management, network visibility and vulnerability and risk management. With its intuitive OT interface, Neuralyzer goes from easy out-of-the-box installation to providing visibility into OT networks and threats in under 5 min, says the company. All of these capabilities are powered by neural-network-based machine-learning technology. Industrial and OT teams are challenged with finding cybersecurity solutions that offer complete asset visibility and inventory with little to no impact on OT networks and devices. Designed with these challenges in mind, Neuralyzer is a purpose-built cybersecurity solution that analyzes OT networks, assets and protocols. By gaining visibility into OT assets and network activity, organizations can take the first step in building a mature cybersecurity program. In doing so, Neuralyzer also allows them to manage risks to OT assets through anomaly detection, to prevent insider threats, to meet compliance requirements and to maintain proper network architecture and segmentation. — Opswat, Inc., Tampa, Fla.