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A digital sensor that measures subcooling and superheating

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company’s new digital pressure-temperature sensor (DPTS; photo) is designed to measure subcooling for HVAC-refrigeration applications. The DPTS is a self-contained device that measures pressure and temperature and calculates subcooling based on refrigerant type. It is compatible with safety-group A1, A2 and A2L refrigerants. The latest-generation DPTS can read maximum pressure between 500 and 700 psi. The DPTS is available as a superheat sensor as well. In a HVAC-R system, two DPTS sensors can be used to measure superheating and subcooling. Superheat measurements monitor the efficiency of the system and can be used as a safety sensor to protect the compressor from liquid flooding. Subcooling measurements monitor the refrigerant charge level and control the high-pressure flow-control valve to maintain the condenser mass flowrate. — DunAn Microstaq, Inc., Austin, Tex.