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A graphite rupture disc for high temperatures

| By Gerald Ondrey

The GRX graphite rupture disc (photo) has been developed for processes with corrosive media, low and medium pressure and temperatures between –180 and 500°C (1,500°C in the absence of O2). Thanks to the specially developed Pyro-Carbon (PyC) coating, the GRX rupture disc resists significantly higher temperatures, while remaining permanently leak-tight. With an operating pressure ratio of up to 80% and burst tolerances of ±10%, the GRX is usable for rupture pressures from 0.05 bar. Optionally, a vacuum or backpressure support can be integrated, which is installed without adhesive (which melts at very high temperatures). The GRX is also available with a burst indicator, upon request. The installation occurs directly between the flanges or other clamp systems. — Rembe GmbH Safety+Control, Brilon, Germany