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Chemical Engineering

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A large flowmeter for precise measurement of high flows

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey


Promass Q (photo) is a high-tech Coriolis flowmeter line that alleviates concerns of inaccuracies with its four-tube technology, while measuring with minimal pressure loss over a wide range of flowrates. A new addition to the Promass Q line is available for larger pipes than ever before—up to 10 in. (DN 250) — for measuring flowrates up to 18,900 bbl/h (2,400 ton/h). And the new four-tube technology opens the door to additional applications in the oil-and-gas industry. These include high-precision metering for custody transfer, fiscal metering, master metering as a reference device for on-site verification, and more. In addition to mass and volumetric flow, Promass Q also records process density and temperature. This enables the incorporation of fluctuating process and ambient conditions into flow measurement, with appropriate compensation, helping to achieve tight error bands of±0.05% for mass flow and±0.2 kg/m³ for density. — Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, Ind.