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Solids Handling

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A Mill for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

| By Chemical Engineering

As a reaction to the increasing, worldwide requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP), this firm is continually improving its pharmaceutical mill, the SCM (Super Clean Mill). The SCM is based on the principle of a conventional pin mill (impact type pulverizer), which suits the requirements of GMP in the pharmaceutical and the foodstuffs industry. The next generation mill, the new SCM, is characterized by disk-structured components, which are positioned on bars. By the release of handwheels, the complete assembly can easily be dismantled by one person. Other features of the mill include: low heat increase during milling; easy adjustment of the particle size by screen insets; and a simple structure for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance. — Hall 7, Booth 367 — NARA Machinery Co. Ltd., Frechen, Germany