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Solids Handling

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A mill for making homogeneous suspensions

| By Chemical Engineering

The CoBall annular-gap bead mill is an inline milling system for manufacturing suspensions and other products of almost any viscosity. The mill is particularly suited for superfine grinding of paints and varnishes. The CoBall mills unusually narrow milling chamber is between 50 and 80% full of beads. Its milling power is high relative to the very small chamber and the grinding energy can be as much as 8 kW/dm3. This leads to particles on the nanoscale size and extremely homogeneous product. The necessary residence time in the milling chamber is said to be significantly reduced due to the conical geometry of the rotor-stator tool. This design inputs milling forces directly into the product. — FrymaKoruma, Romaco Group, Karlsruhe, Germany