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A new anti-abrasive coating for insulation

| By Chemical Engineering

Pittsburgh Corning

Pittsburgh Corning

Pittcote 16 coating (photo) is a new low-temperature, anti-abrasive (LTAA) product that is designed for application with this company’s Foamglas insulation blocks, curved segments (PSG), half shells (PSH) and fitting covers. Pittcote 16 LTAA coating is a water-based, rubberized latex resin that provides a durable bore coating to insulation substrates and reduces abrasion from vibrating piping or equipment. Due to its quick drying and brush/spray application capabilities, the product also reduces production time and increases efficiency. The coating can be used on a wide range of service temperatures, from cold and cryogenic equipment to above ambient (up to 120°C), allowing for reduced inventory requirements. — Pittsburgh Corning, Pittsburgh, Pa.