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A new converter for HART to Ethernet-APL

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new Ethernet-APL HART Converter (HM-APL-PCB; photo) enables transmitter manufacturers to easily convert existing HART transmitters to the new Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (APL) interface. The printed circuit board (PCB) can be customized to incorporate special features or size requirements. It is also possible to quickly design “direct to APL” transmitters without using HART. The HM-APL-PCB consists of a ready-to-use PCB with a HART connector and an APL connector. Simply connect the HART transmitter to the HART connector to make the HART transmitter into an APL transmitter. The APL connection supplies all power needed for the PCB and the connected HART transmitter. — ProComSol, Ltd., Lakewood, Ohio