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A new electrolyzer module for this simulation software

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company recently released an electrolyzer module in the new version of its ProSimPlus software (photo). By combining this module with other equipment from the ProSimPlus library, users can simulate the entire process of H2 production via electrolysis of water and optimize the process as a whole. The new electrolyzer module has the ability to rigorously simulate an electrolysis process by offering a flexible modeling approach, depending on the data available to the user. A first approach quickly establishes the material and energy balances, taking into account possible recycling of the electrolyte solution, purges and equilibration lines, as well as determining the necessary makeup streams. A more detailed approach uses a selection of rigorous models to calculate, based on operating conditions and technological characteristics, all operating parameters: efficiency, electrical characteristics, voltage-current characteristic curves and so on. The electrolysis module allows for the representation of alkaline, proton exchange membrane and solid-oxide electrolysis cells. — ProSim, Labège (Toulouse), France