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Chemical Engineering

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A new line of chemical-resistant luminaires launched at Gastech

| By Mary Page Bailey

Launched at Gastech 2022 (Sept. 5–8; Milan, Italy), the Strongex G2 product line of luminaires (photo) is available with options for Ex Zone 1 or Zone 2 installation for applications across the oil-and-gas, chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors. According to the company, the longevity (estimated 100,000-h lifetime) of these products means they require very little maintenance and their low energy consumption and recyclable design promote sustainability. The G2 model incorporates an openable port to enable access for maintenance, easy change of the emergency battery, increased flexibility for installation and the ability to replace internal components to further extend life. A wireless control version is also available for the Ex Zone 2 model. A plastic housing protects the luminaire from extreme weather conditions, including corrosive, salty environments, and it provides high resistance to chemicals. The unit has no external aluminum parts, further promoting its resistance to corrosion, and can work in a wide temperature range. Its profile incorporates a heatsink with fins that helps improve heat dissipation — Zalux, S.A., Zaragoza, Spain