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A new non-contact radar gage for liquid-level measurement

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

level sensor


The NCR-84 is an 80-GHz radar used for continuous, non-contact level measurement in demanding liquid conditions, including excessive steam, vapor, condensation or surface foam. The signal is focused in a very narrow beam angle, allowing for precise aiming to avoid obstructions in the tank, such as agitators, mixers, fittings or heating coils. The NCR-84 is also appropriate for use in tanks with turbulent product surfaces, viscous media and pastes. This sensor is offered in threaded, flange and hygienic versions, as well as a plastic antenna option for use in low pressure or temperature ranges. The threaded 1.5-in. version makes it easier to mount existing small process fittings without mounting modifications. An optional 3/4-in. fitting enables mounting in space-constrained areas. — BinMaster, Lincoln, Neb.