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A new range of fine screens for efficient wastewater screening

| By Gerald Ondrey


The new range of Aqua-Screen fine screens ensure optimum separation of suspended solids from water influent, thus supporting enhanced performance by the downstream wastewater-treatment process. The Aqua-Screen fine screen uses standardized and common frame parts, which reduces maintenance time and the number of spare parts required. Less than 30 min. are needed for replacement of complete filter elements. With this modular concept, the fine screen integrates all existing screening categories: Aqua-Screen T (photo) is a toothing system that allows effective, two-dimensional fine screening and a lifting capacity; Aqua-Screen P is a perforated plate system that allows circular, two-dimensional fine screening. Depending on the screening system selected, the Aqua-Screen can achieve a capture rate of up to 85%, says the company. The range also includes a complementary device for membrane bioreactor (MBR) protection, the Aqua-Screen MBR fine screen, which has a capture rate of up to 99%, the company says. — Andritz, Graz, Austria