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A new two-piece pneumatic automated V-ball valve

| By Mary Page Bailey

This company’s direct-mount pneumatically actuated, stainless-steel V-ball package (photo) is said to have the smallest total dimensional envelope in the industry, reducing installation materials and labor costs. The valves are available in sizes½- to 2-in. NPT. The compact NPT threaded packages provide precision control and long, reliable service life. Ball-port choices include 30/60-, 60- or 90-deg V-balls. The Valpres 700076V stainless-steel V-port ball valve comes standard with 23% carbon-filled and 2% graphite-filled seats. The valve also incorporates dual Viton O-ring stem seals for long-lasting leak-free performance over an operating temperature range of –4 to 366˚F. The pressure rating is 1,000 psi water, oil, gas (WOG), 150 psi steam. — Bonomi North America, Charlotte, N.C.