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A next-generation of PES in-out ultrafiltration membranes

| By Gerald Ondrey

The first polymeric ultrafiltration (UF) membrane with a completely new geometry since the seven-capillary Multibore debuted over two decades ago, Multibore PRO (photo) combines 19 bores within a single fiber to enable users to realize both performance and sustainability benefits through the increased surface area and reduced installation area for a given flowrate target. With more than double the capillaries, this increased membrane-filtration surface area per module means fewer modules are required in water treatment installations to achieve higher productivity and efficiencies, driving value for operational expenses. UF modules equipped with Multibore PRO membranes can achieve floor footprint savings of up to 15% per rack, while also reducing both capital expenditures due to reduced rack components and assembly costs. — DuPont, Wilmington, Del.