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A powerful radar level sensor for powders and bulk solids

| By Chemical Engineering



The NCR-80 non-contact radar level sensor (photo) for powders and bulk solids features an 80-GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4-deg beam angle, enabling precise aiming to avoid the flow stream, internal structure or sidewall buildup. This ensures reliable performance at measurement ranges up to 393 ft and accuracy within 0.2 in. The NCR-80 is resistant to interference, and its firmware constantly tracks echoes and automatically eliminates false echoes for reliable performance. The NCR-80 is suitable for continuous, single-point level measurement in tall and narrow vessels where there is excessive noise or dust. Mounting the instrument is simple, due to the availability of 0- and 30-deg mounting plates for slanted roofs and 10- and 8-deg swiveling holders with directional aiming. A variety of flange sizes and adapter flanges are available. — BinMaster, Lincoln, Neb.