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A small, high-vacuum system for laboratories and research

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

TurboLab Core (photo) is a small plug-and-play high-vacuum pumping system for research and laboratory and industrial applications. The ergonomic system includes the oil- and maintenance-free Turbovac i turbomolecular pump, the Divac 1.4 dry diaphragm backing pump and a simple controller, which can also serve as a speed and pressure display. Within the TurboLab series, the compact tabletop unit fills the gap for entry-level vacuum needs that require a clean, dry, stable source of high and ultra-high vacuum. The pumping station frame stands on rubber feet to prevent the transmission of vibrations. This is important when the system is placed close to a microscope or other precision laboratory equipment. — Leybold, a part of Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique, Cologne, Germany