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A smart HMI system for nonhazardous areas

| By Chemical Engineering



The VisuNet GXP human machine interface (HMI) represents the new generation of intelligent “thin client” solutions — tailored to the special requirements of Industry 4.0. The VisuNet GXP with RM Shell 4.1 (photo) and innovative control center enables horizontal and vertical access to the production system. The user interface of the firmware RM Shell 4.1 replaces the Windows desktop and focuses entirely on essential aspects of the system setup. Fast and simple integration is guaranteed, and the link to the process-control system is created within a few minutes. The Remote Monitor can be configured using the auto-connect function that it is connected to a defined process-control computer after starting. VisuNet Control Center software enables the user to manage all HMI systems with RM Shell 4.1 from one centralized workspace. Therefore, devices do not have to be set up or maintained in the field, nor hazardous areas or cleanrooms accessed. Instead, the Remote Monitors may be accessed from a central point, saving long distances, time and costs. — Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany