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Accelerate catalyst development with a suite of gas-adsorption and screening units

| By Mary Bailey


The ASAP 2020 Plus is a research-grade gas-adsorption system (photo) used to quantify core characteristics of active catalysts and supports. The system can be combined with this company’s Microactivity Effi catalyst-screening unit, which is fully automated to enable catalyst evaluation under process-relevant conditions. Currently,  the ASAP 2020 Plus is being employed in laboratories for physisorption to study surface area and porosity, which are performance-defining characteristics for any heterogeneous catalyst. A chemisorption-focused version of the ASAP 2020 Plus is also available, which will allow teams to measure the surface area of catalysts and quantify porosity via metrics such as total pore volume and pore-size distribution. — Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcorss, Ga.