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Achieve faster temperature calibration

| By Chemical Engineering

Ametek STC

Ametek STC

The Jofra CTC-1205 compact temperature calibrator (photo) covers a temperature range of 100 to 1,205°C (212 to 2,201°F), with accuracy of±0.2°C (±0.36°F), and stability to±0.1°C (±0.18°F) for the total temperature range, along with improved calibration times when compared to its predecessor, the CTC-1200, says the manufacturer. The CTC-1205 features an intuitive interface, and popular functions, such as automatic switch test and auto stepping, are available with special one-key buttons. CTC Series calibrators are available in different models: with reference sensor; without reference sensor but ready for external input; and without external input. All CTC models come with the proprietary JofraCal calibration software as a standard. — Ametek Sensor, Test & Calibration (STC), Berwyn, Pa.