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These actuators’ plastic housing provides resilience and versatility

| By Mary Page Bailey

Hayward Flow Control

Hayward Flow Control

The ECP Series of thermoplastic quarter-turn electric actuators (photo) features glass-filled polypropylene (GFPP) housing, which provides corrosion resistance. This housing allows the actuator to operate in applications in harsh conditions, where metal actuators are not suitable, including water and waterwater treatment, chemical transfer and processing, aquatic systems, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining and marine. The Series’ actuators are available in several sizes (up to 6 in.) for use with this company’s ball and butterfly valves. Features of the ECP Series include manual override, LED status light, anti-condensation heater, stainless-steel fasteners and external position indicator. Optional digital positioners and battery fail-safe kits are also available. — Hayward Flow Control, Clemmons, N.C.