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New AI tool allows predictive maintenance on heat transfer fluids

| By Scott Jenkins

A new predictive analytics tool for heat-transfer-fluid (HTF) life expectancy uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms built around HTF sample analysis data. The tool, known as Fluid Genius, is designed to provide recommendations for extending fluid life and maintaining HTF systems. Developed by Eastman Chemical Co. (Kingsport, Tenn.;, Fluid Genius has been validated at both Eastman sites, as well as external user facilities.

“Engineers don’t necessarily receive extensive information about heat transfer fluids in their undergraduate training, so many people working in plants need more information on how HTF systems operate on a day-to-day basis,” explains Mark Brucks, segment marketing manager for HTFs at Eastman. “The AI-enabled Fluid Genius tool combines theoretical information with real-world experiential data to fill in the knowledge gaps for those working with HTFs.”

Fluid Genius generates a fluid condition score, a unique measure of the overall fluid condition, as well as notifications about fluid trends and customized recommendations for proactive maintenance actions. These could include system venting, inert-gas blanket system installation and inspection, fluid replacement, the implementation of side-stream filtration and alerts for possible contamination, says Sharon Dunn, Eastman global commercial director for heat transfer fluids.

“Eastman has long-term technical experience in this area, along with decades-worth of sample analysis data on HTFs,” adds Dunn. “We have leveraged those in our algorithms, which can provide specific recommendations for how to extend the performance of the HTF until the next scheduled shutdown.”

Fluid Genius is accompanied by an easy-to-use, complimentary sampling kit. It has been deployed at a number of operating sites to date.