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Chemical Engineering

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Air mixers handle a diverse range of materials

| By Gerald Ondrey

These air mixers (photo) are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use in diverse mixing applications. Compatible with a range of mixing blades, these air-powered devices are intrinsically safe for handling of volatile and flammable materials when electric mixers are not suitable. The MAC-150 mixer package (photo) features a 0.75-hp powerhead and a 21-in. long shaft with 5-in. integral paddle, which makes it suitable for mixing paint, resins, chemicals, ink, adhesives, block fillers and more. The rugged and dependable AM149 powerhead includes a single-handle option for ease of use and movement. The 0.75-hp air motor provides maximum agitation when supplied with 30 ft3/min of air at 100 psi. An airflow valve allows speed control from 300 to 3,000 rpm. — Indco, New Albany, Ind.