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An aluminum version of this AODD pump is now available

| By Chemical Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

The HS430S Advanced FIT 1.5-in. high-pressure AODD pump is now available in an aluminum version (photo) that is well-suited for applications that require high head pressures, such as viscous and solid-laden slurries. The aluminum pump comes equipped with the FIT wetted path, which minimizes the number of fasteners and allows for single-socket reassembly for simpler maintenance. The pump’s Simplex design allows for one liquid chamber to pump fluid while the other is used as a pressure-amplification chamber. With a two-to-one pressure ratio, the pump generates 250 psig and does not require external boosters or amplifiers to achieve this discharge pressure. — Wilden Pump and Engineering, Grand Terrace, Calif.