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An advanced calibration platform for airflow meters

| By Mary Page Bailey

Flow Detective Plus (photo) is an electronic airflow-meter calibrator designed to measure the flow of air-sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. It can calibrate within the airflow range of 20 to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow. Compatible with this company’s Airwave App, calibration results can be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump-calibration procedures. As well as detecting airflow, the Flow Detective Plus is said to be the first calibrator on the market capable of measuring pulsation, indicating if the airflow pulsation exceeds 10% for true confidence in the integrity of samples. When used with the this company’s Apex2 or VAPex air-sampling pumps, the Flow Detective Plus can achieve closed-loop automatic calibration, eliminating manual input and drastically saving time when calibrating pumps. — Casella North America, Sterling, Ma.