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Solids Handling

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An enhanced way to feed small quantities of ingredients

| By Chemical Engineering


An enhanced version of this firm’s micro-ingredient feeder MT12 (photo) is now available in both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical models. The system accurately feeds free-flowing or difficult to handle powders at flowrates as low as 20 g/h and as high as 2 kg/h, depending on the material. Both loss-in-weight and volumetric feeder models are available. Among the new enhancements are: a new inverted hopper design (negative cone), to aid material flow; a revised bottom agitator design driven from below the sealed shaft; a new sanitary scale design, which includes internal cabling and strong frame for better stability and accuracy; and a draft shield with loss-in-weight models for feeding at very low rates. — K-Tron (Switzerland) Ltd., Niederlenz, Switzerland