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An extremely small ultrasonic sensor

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new UR12 ultrasonic sensor (photo), in M12 size, is said to be the world’s shortest ultrasonic sensor, featuring a housing reduced down to a length of just 50 mm, along with a 15-mm “blind” area. These sensors provide a response time of up to 16 ms with a maximum detection range of 500 mm (1,000 mm for through-beam sensors). This allows design engineers more freedom in space-saving machine designs. As standard, the sensor features IO-Link interface for easy integration and delivery of valuable secondary data, while advanced functions ensure optimum sensor settings, such as easy configuration of sonic cones using this company’s Sensor Suite platform. For less demanding distance measurement applications, a retrofit product variant of is available without IO-Link. — Baumer Ltd., Swindon, U.K.