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Analyze and edit images in the field with this infrared camera

| By Chemical Engineering

The TiX620 infrared camera’s 640×480 resolution provides measurement accuracy, and its 5.6-in. high-resolution LCD screen enables thermographers to identify issues and edit images directly on the camera while still in the field, reducing time in the office that was previously spent optimizing images and generating reports. The TiX620 provides users with EverSharp multifocal recording, which captures multiple images from different focScreenshot 2016-10-27 07.55.32al distances and combines them into one image, displaying each object, from foreground to background, sharply for the best image quality. Onboard advanced analytics allow users to adjust or enhance images directly on the camera without additional software. Also included is the company’s SmartView software, which provides a suite of tools to view, optimize, annotate and analyze infrared images, and generate fully customizable professional reports. — Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash.