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Analyze steels in the field, even for hot-tapping applications

| By Chemical Engineering

Innovated Analytical Solutions

Innovated Analytical Solutions

The Belec Compact Port is a versatile mobile spectrometer currently going through the evaluation process with a Fortune-500 oil-and-gas organization for the detection of sulfidation corrosion in hot applications. The Compact Port incorporates features required by oil-and-gas inspection professionals. The system has ultraviolet (UV) probes to detect C, P, S, B and N in Duplex stainless steels, with probe lengths from 3 to 5 m for hard-to-test areas. The system has temperature-stabilized optics for stable low-level detection limits. The system detects low levels of carbon in stainless or low-alloy steels while meeting the requirements of API 578 and API 939-C in the field, and is capable of conducting carbon-equivalency calculations at 350°F for hot tapping applications — Innovated Analytical Solutions LLC, Bremen, Ala.