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Asahi Kasei to build new biologics manufacturing site in Texas

| By Mary Bailey

Asahi Kasei Corp.  U.S. medical subsidiary Bionova Scientific, a full-service biologics CDMO, has decided to launch a new business line providing services leveraging plasmid DNA, and establish a dedicated facility for this purpose in Texas, the U.S.

 With the expansion of the biopharmaceuticals market, Asahi Kasei Medical has obtained further growth opportunities by entering the CRO (contract research organization) business and CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) business while leveraging its customer base and brand strength in addition to expanding established businesses such as Planova™ virus removal filters.

As a biologics CDMO that provides process development and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies, Bionova is well regarded for its capability of process development for complex next-generation antibody-based drugs whose manufacture tends to be difficult. To broaden its services portfolio, Bionova looked for opportunities to enter new therapeutic modalities such as cell and gene therapies, which are expected to grow rapidly.

Plasmids are DNA molecules that exist in the cells of microorganisms such as E. coli. They are increasingly used as important starting material in fields of biotechnology such as cell and gene therapies, mRNA vaccines, and antibody drugs. The global plasmid manufacturing market is expected to grow strongly over the next several years due to the rapid growth of new modalities such as cell and gene therapies. Bionova has decided to contribute to accelerating the growth of such new modalities by leveraging its expertise of manufacturing process development, GMP manufacturing know-how, flexible customer support, and industry network in the targeted new modalities.

For process development and GMP manufacturing of plasmids, Bionova will establish a new facility in The Woodlands, Texas, the U.S. Service provision is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2025 for process development and later in 2025 for GMP manufacturing.