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Chemical Engineering

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Automatically dispense a variety of media

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The Bench Cat system (photo) is designed for automatically dispensing a variety of materials, including adhesives, pastes, epoxies, sealants and more. Furthermore, the Bench Cat can spray or fill fluids from most valves and pumps. The Bench Cat’s design features an overhead gantry, which means that product remains stationary while the valve moves from overhead dispensing the media. This also results in simplified fixturing and provides easy loading from top, front or sides. The removable pallet base streamlines tooling changeover if required. A built-in valve controller provides digital realtime control of syringes and valves. Onboard inputs and outputs are included for handshaking with other equipment or integrating components, such as vacuum, clamps, shuttles and more. — Dispense Works, Inc., McHenry, Ill.