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Axens is awarded a licensing contract for Borouge 4 project in UAE

By Gerald Ondrey |

The Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd. (Borouge; (www.borouge.com) — a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC) and Austria-based Borealis — has awarded Axens (Rueil-Malmaison, France; www.axens.net) a licensing contract to supply a MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) unit coupled with1-butene production unit and 1-hexene unit for the Borouge 4 project in Ruwais-Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For over a decade, Axens has built a strong and trustful relationship with Borouge, involved in technologies, catalysts and services supply. It has supported Borouge through different projects, and notably its on-purpose 1-butene production units which were installed in Borouge-1 and Borouge-3 plants using the AlphaButol technology.

As part of the new Borouge 4 project, Axens will provide the following technologies:

o a 124,000 ton/yr MTBE and a 50,000 ton/yr 1-butene unit

o a 75,000 ton/yr unit for the production of high purity 1-hexene through ethylene trimerization (AlphaHexol)

o Downstream the new steam cracker: a methyl acetylene and propadiene (MAPD)

hydrogenation unit, a C4 hydrogenation unit and a pygas two-stages hydrogenation unit.

The scope of Axens’ work includes the supply of process books, catalysts and adsorbents, proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services.

Axens’ Process Licensing Global Business Unit executive vice-president Patrick Sarrazin said: “Today marks a significant step towards the expansion of Borouge’s facilities. We are delighted to be the partner of choice for this project and grateful for the trust put into Axens technology, in particular in AlphaHexol, which will allow Borouge to benefit from Axens’ strong experience in homogeneous catalysis for the production of on-purpose 1-Hexene by ethylene trimerization. This investment will support the continuous growth of UAE petrochemicals, and create a lot of value for the country. Our extensive technology expertise, global capabilities in the basic design, catalysts, equipment and services supply make Axens the ideal partner to deliver this important contract for Borouge.”

Operating and maintaining a petrochemical complex located in the Ruwais industrial area of Abu Dhabi that is considered the world’s largest integrated polyolefin complex, Borouge plans to more than double the current capacity of its facilities of 4.5 metric tons per year by 2030.

To reach this objective, Borouge started construction of its new Borouge 4 complex which will include the world’s largest mixed-feed cracker on the same location of its three existing plants. Borouge 4 complex will consist of a number of production units. The primary products will be ethylene, propylene, butadiene, MTBE, 1-butene, pygas, 1-hexene and benzene from the new mixed-feed cracker and its derivative units. The ethylene and propylene will be converted into polyethylene and polypropylene products.

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