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BayoTech starts up sustainable hydrogen production in Missouri

| By Mary Bailey

BayoTech Inc. announced the availability of sustainable hydrogen fuel from its recently completed hub in Wentzville, Missouri. The BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub generates 350 tons of hydrogen annually to serve a wide range of customers operating zero-emission fuel cell equipment and hydrogen-intensive industrial processes. BayoTech’s fleet of high-pressure gas transport trailers, designed for enhanced gas utilization, ensure reliable and efficient delivery of hydrogen to customers across the United States.

BayoTech hydrogen hub in Missouri

The BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub generates low-carbon fuel for curbing local emissions a. (source: BayoTech)

BayoTech’s President & CEO Mauricio “Mo” Vargas will welcome guests to the facility on Thursday, marking the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Joining the celebration are partners from Nikola, Emerson and Ranken Technical College, who will provide remarks on BayoTech and the pivotal role of hydrogen in advancing the Midwest’s climate and clean energy policy objectives. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technology of zero-emission transportation, with a Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric semi-truck and a New Flyer hydrogen fuel cell bus at the event.

“This landmark achievement represents a significant step forward in our company’s mission to establish a network of localized hydrogen production hubs throughout the United States. BayoTech takes immense pride in its role as a pioneering force to make hydrogen supply more localized, accessible and reliable for our customers,” said Mo Vargas. “These hubs will not just produce hydrogen; they will produce opportunities, jobs, local investment, and a cleaner local community for generations to come.”

The BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hub generates the low-carbon fuel necessary for curbing local emissions and fostering economic development. During the ten-month construction phase, more than twenty local companies supplied materials and services, with a workforce contributing over 42,000 labor hours. Now complete, the facility is expected to create up to ten permanent local jobs and generate substantial state tax revenue.

“BayoTech’s commitment to hydrogen aligns seamlessly with our mission at Nikola, propelling the heavy-duty trucking sector towards a cleaner future,” stated Ryan Clayton, Nikola’s Global Head of Sales. “This partnership, in addition to BayoTech’s plan to purchase up to 50 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, signals the first of many steps in establishing a dependable hydrogen infrastructure, accelerating the transition to a more sustainable transportation landscape.”

Beyond its environmental and economic benefits, BayoTech’s BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub also provides opportunities for educational development. Through innovative training and educational programs with academic institutions, such as Wentzville’s Ranken Technical College, BayoTech’s Hydrogen Hubs are primed to equip the future workforce with the skills needed to support and improve the hydrogen industry. As the inaugural BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub, this facility helps meet demand for hydrogen in the region while placing Wentzville at the forefront of the hydrogen economy.

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer said, “Access to hydrogen fuel represents an exciting boost to Missouri’s economy and our energy independence. I commend BayoTech for its leadership in bringing low-cost, locally sourced energy to the market. I also appreciate its partnership with Rankin Technical College and their commitment to training local students to participate in the emerging industry. I look forward to seeing how the Midwest BayoGaaS Hydrogen Hub positively impacts the community and sets the tone for upcoming projects across the country.”

Mayor Nick Guccione said, “I am thrilled to see the completion of BayoTech’s first hydrogen production plant in Wentzville. This project represents a significant milestone for our community and is a testament to the dedication and innovation of the entire BayoTech team. We look forward to the positive impact this facility will have on our local economy and its role in advancing clean energy goals in Missouri.”