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This benchtop spray dryer expedites materials testing

| By Chemical Engineering

Fluid Air

The PolarDry Model 0.1 electrostatic spray dryer (photo) retains the features of larger dryers in a much more compact footprint. The dryer can be easily disassembled for autoclave sterilization. By producing small-scale samples with minimum product loss, the Model 0.1 allows for greater feasibility testing of expensive materials. The smaller dimensions allow the Model 0.1 to fit inside small spaces, such as laboratory fume or containment hoods, where noxious solvents, potent active ingredients and oxygen-sensitive materials can be safely tested. As a result, research of new products is more efficient and cost-effective, says the company. The Model 0.1 is compatible with optional high-temperature and ultrasonic spray-drying nozzles for reliable microencapsulation. The ultrasonic nozzle is particularly suited for creating small particles less than 10µm in diameter. — Fluid Air, A division of Spraying Systems Co., Aurora, Ill.