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Bio-based oils handle a wide temperature range

| By Gerald Ondrey

Bio-Process Oils (photo) is a new family of blended, highly-refined biosynthetic base oils that maintain flexibility over a wider temperature range than petroleum-based products, making them suitable for use in many types of adhesives and sealants. Their extremely low volatility increases the flash- and fire-safety features, and there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are available in viscosity grades (SUS) of 50, 70, 100, 150, and 200, to suit a wide range of applications, climates and preferences. Stabilized to resist oxidation and provide light color stability, they are odorless and chlorine-, and sulfur-free. The oils are high in oleic-acid content for higher stability over conventional vegetable oils. — Renewable Lubricants, Inc., Hartville, Ohio