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Bottling machines thatcount and inspect tablets

| By Chemical Engineering

Marchesini Group

At Pack Expo Las Vegas (September 23–25), this company is presenting a monobloc unit (photo) that fills and caps bottles for pills, tablets or capsules. The Compact 12 counter is equipped with special applications to guarantee total product control. One of these is the HarleNIR vision system, which exploits a near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral camera to chemically distinguish the pharmaceutical products by analyzing their active ingredient. The company is said to be the first in the world to implement this technology for packaging blisters. Compact 12 is a monobloc unit that integrates a variety of operations on just one machine. Depending on the type of production and specific user requirements, the machine can accommodate operator protection or product-protection (laminar flow) systems. The machine is set up to handle all the main types of capping systems (screw-on, press-on or crimped) and offers the widest possible array of applications to guarantee total product control. — Marchesini Group, West Caldwell, N.J.