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Braskem joins Cyclyx plastics-recycling consortium

| By Mary Bailey

Cyclyx International LLC., a consortium-based feedstock management company with a mission to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90%, and Braskem have announced that Braskem S.A. (Philadelphia, Pa.) has joined Cyclyx as a member and has appointed Geoffrey Inch, Braskem’s Sustainability and Circular Economy Director, to the Cyclyx Executive Advisory Board.

As a member of the Cyclyx consortium, Braskem will have access to the Cyclyx platform which includes an integrated set of innovations including chemical characterization of plastics and predictive modelling of feedstock sources to product pathways, custom feedstock recipes, and customized supply chains.  These innovations aim to deliver waste plastic feedstock appropriate for all existing and new mechanical and advanced recycling pathways.

“We are excited to welcome Braskem as a founding member of Cyclyx and to add Geoffrey Inch to our advisory board,” said Joe Vaillancourt, chief executive officer at Cyclyx. “Braskem’s extensive experience in the biopolymer industry along with their commitment to eliminating plastic waste within a carbon neutral circular economy makes them a valuable member of our consortium, and reinforces the commitment of our membership to drive post-use plastic recycling rates from 10% to 90%.”

“As the North American leader in polypropylene, Braskem is thrilled to be a founding member of Cyclyx,” says Geoffrey Inch, Sustainability and Circular Economy Director at Braskem. “Braskem has a long history in the use of sustainable feedstock and is committed to working collaboratively to increase the circularity of plastics. We believe Cyclyx addresses some of the key challenges that will allow advanced recycling to scale, which is an important step in the development of certified circular polypropylene for our clients.”