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A breakthrough in “green” corrosion protection

| By Chemical Engineering



BioPouch (photo) is a new, “green” vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor for protection of metal parts in a non-ventilating space. BioPouch is powered by the company’s NANO VpCI technology, primarily made from agricultural byproducts. NANO-VpCIs emit from the pouch and saturate the enclosure via diffusion, filling all void spaces and recessed areas with protective vapor molecules. Molecules from BioPouch are attracted to and adsorb onto metallic surfaces, resulting in the formation of a nano-protective barrier layer. Studies have shown the excellent ability for VpCI molecules to provide protection in the presence of corrosive species, such as chlorides, moisture and sulfides, and displace them at the metal surface. Vapor-phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces. — Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minn.