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Brightmark and Chevron JV opens renewable natural gas facility in Arizona

| By Mary Bailey

Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC (San Francisco, Calif.) announces the opening of its Eloy Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) center in Eloy, Ariz., which will produce RNG from dairy manure using anaerobic digestion technology. The project brings this innovative renewable fuel technology to the Southwestern U.S.

This development marks the beginning of a new phase of the organization’s Eloy Circularity Center, which will begin the operation of its lagoon anaerobic digesters at Caballero Dairy in the desert city of Eloy. Anaerobic digestion is a circular technology that captures animal manure from partner sites and converts it into RNG, fertilizer, and water. These products are then recycled back into agricultural and energy systems for reuse.

Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC is a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, and Brightmark Fund Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Brightmark LLC. The Chevron-Brightmark renewable natural gas joint venture operates a nationwide system of RNG projects, capturing methane from dairy operations for beneficial use as pipeline fuel.

“We are pleased with the adoption of anaerobic digestion by dairy farmers in the Southwest, a region overlooked in the past,” said Bob Powell, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Brightmark LLC. “The Eloy circularity center’s beauty resides in its use of technology based on ambient temperature with the Arizona heat. It presents an excellent opportunity for RNG to be generated in higher amounts, promoting lower-carbon intensity solutions. We are grateful to Chevron and Caballero Dairy for partnering with us on this exciting endeavor.”

The Eloy RNG project is set to bring environmental and economic benefits to the Southwest region. By harnessing solar heating for farm lagoons, it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The manure expected to be processed by the circularity center will be equivalent to the effect of planting over 37,000 acres of forest annually. This innovative approach promises to not only create jobs but also recycle resources back into agricultural and energy systems, enhancing soil stabilization and nutrient control while also mitigating odors at Caballero Dairy.

“Moving to a future energy economy with lower carbon intensity requires ambitious goals, continuous innovation, and pragmatic solutions,” said Andy Walz, president of Chevron Americas Products. “Continued development in renewable natural gas projects creates new, lower carbon-intensity solutions for transportation, industry, and customers.”

“After years of preparation for this moment, my family and I are thrilled that the Eloy RNG project will officially be up and running,” said Craig Caballero, owner of Caballero Dairy. “Partnering with Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC on this project is an excellent way to provide new economic opportunities for Eloy and provide environmental benefits. We believe being a responsible steward of the land is something of value, and I’m proud to play a role in this impactful work.”

The Eloy RNG project is the joint venture’s first initiative in the Southwest, but it has also delivered RNG from its Larson Project in Florida and expanded its RNG projects in Michigan. Brightmark operates a nationwide system of RNG projects that have reduced more than 900,000 tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent through anaerobic digestion.