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Chemical Engineering

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Bringing artificial intelligence to asset-performance management

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The launch of Ability Genix Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite (photo) brings next-generation artificial-intelligence (AI)-based predictive maintenance, asset reliability and integrity insights to the chemical process and utilities industries. Genix APM is an enterprise-grade application to monitor assets, prescribe maintenance actions, improve equipment utilization and support lifecycle analysis and capital planning. By assessing the remaining useful life of industrial assets, Genix APM generates a plan for preventive maintenance, which can extend equipment uptime by as much as 50% and increase asset life by up to 40%, says the company. The Genix APM Suite makes it easy to add condition monitoring to existing operational technology (OT) landscapes, enables prioritization of maintenance activities based on AI-informed predictions and provides a comprehensive overview of asset performance. — ABB Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland