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Built-in load monitor ensures correct loading to joints

| By Chemical Engineering

Valley Forge & Bolt

Maxbolt load-indicating fasteners (photo) can reduce downtime, premature wear and catastrophic joint failures by continuously measuring and displaying the amount of tension in a bolt or stud. Each fastener has an accurate and durable load-monitoring device built in that indicates when proper load is achieved. During operation, technicians will know if load ever falls out of specification on any bolt, addressing the need immediately instead of waiting for critical equipment failure. Now, even inexperienced operators can assemble complex bolted joints with uniform clamp loads within±5% of design specification. With Maxbolt devices, measurements are based on tension and the inaccuracies of torque control are eliminated, ensuring optimal initial conditions before an assembly is placed into service. — Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. Phoenix, Ariz.