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CAC builds biofuel plant for OMV in Schwechat, Austria

By Gerald Ondrey |

CAC is building one of the first biofuel plants in Europe incorporating innovative co-processing technology for OMV (Source: OMV )

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC; Chemnitz, Germany) has been assigned by OMV AG (Vienna, Austria) with overall responsibility for the construction of a biofuel plant. With this project CAC is realizing one of the first large-scale plants in Europe to use innovative co-processing to produce carbon-neutral fuels. For this purpose, biogenic input materials are processed together in combination with fossil, oil-based raw material in a hydrogenation facility at the refinery. The Vienna-based international oil, gas and chemicals company is investing about €200 million in the conversion at the site in Schwechat, Austria. This is in line with the E.U. requirement for biofuels to adhere to strict ecological and social criteria throughout the value chain.

With this process, the hydrogenated vegetable oil should lead to an annual reduction in OMV’s carbon footprint of up to 360,000 metric tons of fossil CO2. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of around 200,000 cars driving an average of 12,000 km/yr. The product meets the highest quality standards and can be freely used in any type of vehicle. The technology applied is not limited to vegetable oil — waste products (such as used cooking oil) and advanced feedstocks are also possible and will be used based on availability. OMV expects demand for its hydrogenated biofuels to increase ten-fold by 2030.

“With this project we are joining OMV in taking a further step towards sustainable mobility,” declared Jörg Engelmann, managing director of CAC, which is currently launching its technology for manufacturing synthetic gasoline on an industrial scale onto the market. “Only with technological openness we can provide rapid and sustainable protection for our environment.”

With overall responsibility for all phases of the project, CAC is undertaking detail engineering, including project management and project controlling, procurement services and construction site management. This includes the supply of equipment and bulk materials (piping, instrumentation, electrotechnical material) as well as responsibility for construction and assembly work.


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