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Canatu increases CNT film production capacity

| By Gerald Ondrey

Upgraded CNT film production line with the latest reactor technology increase production efficiency and capacity (Source: Canatu)

Carbon nanomaterial developer Canatu Oy (Vantaa, Finland) has upgraded its carbon nanotube (CNT) film manufacturing to meet the rising demand for ADAS heater products in the automotive industry. Canatu has improved its step-and-repeat (SAR) CNT film production line by adding new reactor capacity and ramping up the level of automation. These improvements have effectively doubled production speed and increased the output of Canatu CNT film.

“With the rapid development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, the demand for Canatu CNT film products has increased significantly, making it more vital than ever to increase production capacity,” says Antti Valkola, vice president of Manufacturing at Canatu.

Since 2015, Canatu has been mass-manufacturing CNT films for the automotive industry. This recent upgrade marks a significant advancement in the industrialization of Canatu CNT film production, further establishing Canatu as a leader in advanced CNT. Canatu is now better equipped to keep pace with the evolving needs of its customers.