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CE Podcast: Generative AI and Large-Language Models with Cognite’s Moe Tanabian

| By Scott Jenkins

On this episode of the Chemical Engineering podcast, our guest is Moe Tanabian, the chief product officer at industrial software company Cognite. We talk with Moe about the potential of artificial intelligence-powered large language models (LLMs) to significantly enhance business practices for companies in the chemical process industries (CPI). Generative AI stands to revolutionize how knowledge workers and subject matter experts engage with data and operational processes. However, industrial organizations can only leverage generative AI successfully by solving the industrial data problem first. To help leaders keep pace with the accelerating, data-driven shifts that modern organizations must now navigate, this episode explores the nuances between AI and ML, best practices for avoiding hallucinations and the intersection of digital twins and LLMs in the chemical process space.  Click the link below to listen.