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Cellular sensor-to-cloud connectivity

| By Chemical Engineering

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry

The Ranger remote-monitoring system (photo) is a cellular transmitter that uses the LTE network to connect industrial sensors to the cloud for remote monitoring, control and alarming. By connecting directly to the cloud, the Ranger bypasses local networks to offer a more secure connection. The Ranger is designed to work with a wide range of sensor types and brands, making it easily integrated into industrial monitoring systems. Cloud connectivity removes barriers in collecting data from assets located in difficult-to-reach locations, such as pipelines in mountainous terrain or vast, remote tank farms. The Ranger comes equipped with this company’s cloud interface, which allows users to remotely monitor assets, view trends and receive alarms either by text or email. It also provides for remote configuration and troubleshooting of the Ranger node and the sensor to which it is attached. — SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, Hudson, Mass.