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CFD optimizes this modular range of blowing seal valves

| By Chemical Engineering

Rota Val

Rota Val

One of the problems faced with blowing-seal type rotary valves is to maintain the air velocity between the valve and the conveying pipe while still achieving a good rotor pocket purge. Designers at this company have solved this problem using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, in conjunction with a standard CAD package to determine the profile that would guarantee minimum pressure loss and maximum pocket purge. One of these CFD-designed profiles was chosen (photo) for the comany’s new modular valve range. There is hardly any drop in air velocity during conveying with the smoother airflow through the valve, which results in improved rotor life and efficient pocket purging. This in turn leads to increased valve life, because high velocity-wear erosion is reduced by the fuller, smoother airflow. — Rota Val Ltd., Chippenham, Wiltshire, U.K.