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This clamp-on flowmeter enables flexibility in installation

| By Chemical Engineering

GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas

The TransPort PT900 (photo) is a portable, ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid flow measurement. The TransPort PT900 features an all-new transmitter and clamping fixture, as well as an app-driven user interface on an Android tablet. The clamp-on design allows for the measurement of flow from outside a pipe, so there is no requirement for the process to be shut down for installation. Its portability allows it to be moved easily from location to location for temporary or spot flow measurement or check metering. The transducers are compatible with most pipe sizes and materials and can handle a wide range of liquids, including ultrapure to extremely dirty water, refined hydrocarbon liquids and crude oil. Other features include Bluetooth communication between the transmitter and tablet, 4 GB of memory for storing large data logs and accuracy of± 1% of reading. — GE Oil & Gas, Billerica, Mass.