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Clamped configuration makesthis pump easier to maintain

| By Chemical Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

Wilden Pump and Engineering

The PS1 Original is a 13-mm, clamped metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump (photo) that is equipped with this company’s Pro-Flo Shift air-distribution system (ADS). The pump’s clamped configuration allows for simplified maintenance, diaphragm replacement and cleaning. PS1 Original pumps are shear-sensitive and intrinsically safe with self-priming and dry-run capabilities, and offer long mean time between repair (MTBR), anti-freezing functionality and increased on/off reliability, says the manufacturer. The PS1 Original has an aluminum center block and is available with an aluminum, stainless steel or Alloy C wetted-path material. The pump features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6 bars (125 psig), maximum flowrates to 60.2 L/min (15.9 gal/min) and maximum suction lifts to 5.9 m (19.3 ft) dry and 9.8 m (32.2 ft) wet. Diaphragms are available in several material options. — Wilden Pump and Engineering, Grand Terrace, Calif.