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Cleaning-in-place features for a bulk-material feeder

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company introduced a bulk-material feeder suitable for installation in processing lines that require cleaning-in-place (CIP) for process equipment. Developed for food, dairy, nutrition, pharmaceutical and other sanitary operations, the Feedos S-H/P CIP (photo) integrates a series of spray nozzles within the hopper and downspout in a 360-deg spray pattern to automatically remove material from inside the feeder and achieve a predetermined level of sanitization. The stainless-steel construction accommodates virtually any type of detergent, disinfectant or chemical cleaning agent, as well as hot water and steam. The CIP feeder also features a novel sealing design that replaces stuffing boxes on the drive shafts with proprietary lip seals at the feeding tool and intromitter. Connections remain tight during both operation and cleaning to prevent leakage, even in critical interfaces with moving parts. — Gericke USA, Inc., Somerset, N.J.